Who Am I?

I am Linda Bootherstone-Bick, born in England where I spent the first 23 years of my life.

I then emigrated to Australia in 1969 as a Ten Pound Pom. My home is now in Port Lincoln, South Australia but I have lived in several other countries during the course of my wandering existence. My parents brought me up to appreciate many different aspects of life and people and did not curb my travelling instincts. Also they were both singers so I very soon became interested in song and latterly in becoming a musician.

Impatient to gain mobility I asked my father to teach me to drive at age 17 and I bought my first car. Then a lad from a local motorcycle club attracted me and I learnt to ride, finding an amazing world of friendship in this sport. (The lad got away)

I have tried many other activities, bush walking, orienteering, climbing, flying, scuba diving, sailing, cycling, table tennis, windsurfing, photography, lead lighting, art, pottery and spinning. Some I still follow but I suppose my main interests are travelling by motorcycle and playing folk music. I fit in as many other things as I can. I like reading and writing and movies but I am not very IT proficient, only managing to use Facebook in an attempt to keep up with my friends around the world.

Contact me via email casalinda2006@gmail.com

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