Art and Craft

I learnt to spin in Adelaide in the 1980s  where there were many fleeces around. In Spain, more cattle country, I didn't have the opportunity but now back in Port Lincoln I once more have a wheel and join the other spinners in the area. Now I just knit up beanies and send them to my friends overseas so the pictures here are of these lucky recipients.

I was  interested in art at school and actually passed that subject for GCEs. However I didn't take any more lessons, apart from the odd TAFE course and didn't actually start painting in oils until an American artist friend left her box of paints behind in Spain to save taking it on the plane home. Not to waste the paints I started painting, firstly flowers and then onto other things.

These pictures are of various oil, acrylic, pastels watercolour etc. both in Spain and here in Oz